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    Live Help Script?


    I want to add a live help function to my real estate website. Ideally, I'd like it to log all chats so I can keep contact with any clients that I chat with. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good system that won't cost an arm and a leg?

    Thank you,
    Chris Farrugia
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
    Naples Real Estate

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    One thing I really should mention is that my site runs on a linux server with php/mysql. I looked at Cute Live Support and it looked fantastic but it was only for Windows servers.
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
    Naples Real Estate

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    I'd recommend phplive support,
    It will work fine on a linux server.

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    Most companies offer hosted solutions. PHP Live would be good for you. is a free script you could use, you can buy the Windows App to run on your personal computer to provide support to the clients on your web site.

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    I would also recommend Help Center Live - you can find more scripts to evaluate at HotScripts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by empresasdehosting
    Kayako are very good, and support is live. Well staffed.

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    PHPLive i think is the best and it supports SSL as i found out today i have tryed most others but none cut it like this
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    You can also get a skype phone number and use that as a business number for your clients
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