Hi ,

What is the website about ?

ur main idea is putting new international album demos for people to listen before buying the album , with more than 100 'new album demos daily' , We have our own gallery , arcade and ... with more 100K unique visits daily ! (proof available)

Forum is located at : forums.iraneman.org

How many users ?

e currently have +15K ACTIVE registered users who have been loged in our forum in last 2weeks (inactivity time is 2weeks so if you dont login in 2weeks your account will be deleted by system so all the 15k users are New and Email confirmed ,) , We have a total of 55K users with 15K Active users !

The offer ?

e have a weekly (Legal , Registered) newsletter which will be mailed to our users , saying the website was sponsered by YOURCOMPANY.com and you will be able to give a text of maximum 2page which we will include in the mail!

Price : $20 for one week
$30 for two weeks
$45 for four weeks

Payments : Paypal only please !

Please PM me here for more details!,

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