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    I haven't posted anything for critique for a while, been super busy with freelance and school work, thankfully things are slowing down a bit as school is almost over for the semester!

    Any who, for my UI class, I had to design a basic prototype. I choose to do a concept for my portfolio. My goal was for it to be an extension of my logo, and have a unique concept. I spare you the details (had to write a 8000 word paper about it, do testing, wireframes, sitemaps, etc), so here is the semi-functional mockup:

    Since it was just a class project, and teacher was loading it from files on her computer, there is no preloader, it’s about 2.4 mb (again, it’s not optimized), so just be patient and it will load.

    Please follow these instructions to check out the pages:

    1. Wait for content to load
    2. Let the logo animation play.
    3. Now you are at the Home page. Click on the”?” and the help menu will come up.
    4. Click “X” and the home menu will disappear, and you will be back at the home page.
    5. Click Brain Structure, this will take you to the about page.
    6. Click on Left and Right Hemisphere in the bottom navigation. This will take you to the portfolio page.
    7. Click on Ogilvy to open up that region.
    8. Click on Kodak, to view the project done for that client.
    9. Click on 2 to change the picture.
    10. Click “Oral Cavity’ to view the contact page.

    This will just go in my concept folder (for now), but was a fun project none the less. I will be launching a simple new portfolio with all my updated work (at least the ones I can display) by Christmas time.

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for the feedback!


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    Update: Added a simple (and horrific looking) preloader, my usual preloader script was acting up. Hopefully this helps those that thought it was broken.

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    To cover my bases of multiple forums:

    1) Yes, only prototype, hence the VERY limited functionality. The majority of the grade was actually based on the report, not this, so I didn't spend much time putting in any real functionality. This was just a little extra so my professor wouldn't have to view it in PPT haha. Of course, if this was actually functional, I couldn't have to give you the 10 steps haha. The point would be for the user to explore the site at their will and learn stuff.

    2) If they can't figure out what the navigation buttons means, they can always use help. Or, once they are on one page, it will automatically tell them in the bottom nav.

    2) Logo animation again is just for mockup, if I were to do it (which I may eventually), it would be a more sequence done with AE.

    3) Oral Cavity means mouth... but yes its actually meant to have a bit of sarcastic tone lol, notice the suggestive mouth to the left of the content on the contact page?

    4) It load so slow, because its just a combination of a bunch of high-res pngs, its not optimized at all... again just because I wanted to use this instead of giving her a crappy PPT, it would load much faster if it was the actual site. Also, my professor was viewing this from a local comp, so I didn't have any incentive to try to optimize it (and because of limited time for assignment, I spent my time on the long report).

    5) Some of the background text can be read on the portfolio pages, because it is meant to have that zooming in/out feel. Again, this would be more obvious in an actual, functional version

    Thanks again for checking it out

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    It's simple, nice... but takes a bit too long to load. And it isn't very, easy to use.

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    Yea, if it were optimized and fully functional, those thing would hopefully be a bit less of a problem.

    Any who, my actual portfolio which will launch hopefully before the new year should be much more quicker and functional. Thanks for the comments!

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    hmmm. not bad. but i think that something is nor good... not good to me...

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