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    Remote Graphic/Web Designer needed

    TCH is looking to hire a part time web designer to work on in house projects only.

    This job will only be for updating, maintaining and generating new graphics/content for our company domain.

    This is an immediate opening and will consist of 10-30 hours per week.

    Please email me directly with your resume and salary requirements.
    Bill Kish
    TotalChoice Hosting
    Hosting over 50,000 clients since 2000

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    Just added your id in yahoo want to chat with you regarding job

    My yahoo id is nick.reyan
    please have look into


    Indian Social Bookmarking

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    Hi Bill,

    For some unknown to me reason I can't send you PM that's why I'm writing here.

    Let me recommend you the designer who is a friend of mine, her name's Natalia Savchenko.
    You can look at her skills here - www letika com

    If you like her projects/work, you can contact her using details, given on the site. Or write me back PM and she will contact you.

    With best regards,
    Dmitry Tregubenko.

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    Ficher, you don't have enough post, that's why you can't send PM !

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