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    Advanced PHP Coder wanted for large job

    Hi, I am looking for something rather unique in a few different ways, for a website similar to Myspace. It's really more just profiles rather than the video and music side of things. I'd also like a few listing pages etc so it is a pretty big job. I'm aware it'll cost, and I'm also aware how much I'm roughly looking at having to pay. However I cannot get into any detail about what the job entails exactly and I really don't want to tell people over the net. So this job is limited to people in the UK for legal contract reasons, and also the ability to have you call me if you are interested in more details.

    If you are interested, and don't let the whole contract and phone calls thing put you off, as the contract will safe guard you from not being paid unless you don't complete the work stages on time or whatever, give me a shout on MSN.

    I'm a fairly easy going and flexable guy, if you don't meet deadlines I'm usually ok about it if you tell me you think you'll have a problem meeting them. Telling me you'll 100% meet deadlines then not meeting them is a different story.

    Deadline: ASAP
    Website idea: Not telling you until there is an NDA signed
    Contract: Yes (our own contract)
    Job Type: PHP/MySQL programming
    Design: Web Template will be supplied.
    Payment: TBA
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    Added you to my buddy list, looking forward to speaking with you.

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