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    Supermicro PDSMI+ and E6300

    Hello everyone,
    I have just bought (2 of each):
    1. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    2. Supermicro PDSMI+
    3. Crucial DDR2 667MHz 512MB x 2 (non-ecc unbuffered/ unregister)
    4. Western Digital SATA 160GB HDD
    5. Supermicro 1U case with 280W PS and heasink

    However, when I turn the system on, the LED lits up, the fans blows, but no video. After a while, a siren sound come out from the motherboard and I can't power it off using the power button. I have tried to exchange the CPU, motherboard, ram and power supply. But, same things happen, so it shouldn't be hardware problem. Could anyone help?


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    Is the beep constant or does it do a few beeps at intervals?

    First: Check would be to make sure the HSF is sitting correctly on the cpu, maybe even get a standard desktop one or use the one with the CPU's if you got them non OEM.

    Second: Intel chipsets seem to be very fussy on ram so make sure you get ram exactly as the motherboard suggests. I had a very similar problem last week and turned out to be the ram, only 1 type of the 3 worked. The other two would just not boot, nothing on screen to help diagnose the issue.

    Have you tried the CPU and RAM in different motherboards and combinations, if you building this server I'm sure you can get extra bits to help test and diagnose the problem and potential future hardware problems.

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    Yeah I had the same issue today actually with an Intel board and I believe the problem is my RAM isn't 1.8V. It says on their site the only memory thats supported is 1.8V which is hidden pretty well in the support page because it doesn't say it anywhere on the main product page. I didn't have a problem powering the system off though.

    Most motherboards do support 1.9V and 2.0V but it could be that problem, make sure your DDR2 ram is 1.8V.

    If your RAM is 1.8V make sure you have everything installed firmly...the siren usually means the memory isn't installed right or the CPU is overheating. Make sure you have the heatsink applied well with thermal grease.

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