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    clientexec and

    I am swicthing to i have question do you need the recurring billing ad on to use client exect?

    Does client exec auto charge the customer or do i manually still have to charge them everytime.

    Will someo using the 2 just let me know how much of a manually process is involveed or do i just set up a cron job and its all done automaticly.

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    We use with modernbill, not clientexec, but I do not need to use the recurring billing service (so I imagine that it will be the same for you). Our billing system is setup to automatically charge the client's credit card when he has an invoice, without that recurring service. - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Thread moved to Hosting Software and Control Panels.

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    You do not need the recurring addon. Clientexec handles the recurring billing by processing the credit card on file for each invoice.
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    Can nochex do this too

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