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    Paypal Pro

    Any ETA as to when Paypal Pro will be available for Canadian merchants?

    I haven't found any information on the Paypal site.

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    Currently to set up an internet merchant account in Canada, it usually takes about 7-10 business days. This is a 'real' merchant account, equivalent to Paypal Pro / virtual terminal.

    If I can remember correctly, there are seven main issuing banks in Canada. There are different regulations governed by Visa. As soon as Paypal / Visa, etc can work those out, then I do not see why not.

    The time frame? Right now, chances are they are not doing anything because of the season. Their priorities are somewhere else. Once the season is over, they will probably be looking at it again - but you have 800 lb gorillas battling another 800 lb gorilla. Visa will ultimately win / decide how Paypal Pro is integrated into Canada.

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