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    Nagios & false FTP Warnings caused by APF Firewall

    I installed APF Firewall in the server where I installed my nagios monitoring system.. APF is configured for all the open ports in the same server, including of course port 21 (ftp). But the problem is that if firewall is up, Nagios shows a few warnings about FTP problems with lot of servers... false warnings. If the firewall is down, no warning is displayed..

    I'm using RHES 4 + Nagios 2.0 + APF 0.96

    Can anyone guide me to solve this problem ?

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    what warnings exactly do you get ? Do you get FTP warnings for all the configured servers ?

    With APF running, try telnet-ing to one of the problem server's port 21 from your nagios machine. You will get a hint there !
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