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  • Site is well designed, the color scheme fits the content, clear, well presented.

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  • The color scheme does NOT fit the content, distracts from the purpose, and the design is flawed.

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  • Color scheme and design are crap, it reminds of halloween, it is very distracting from the site.

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    eCommerce Customer Computer site need feedback on Design Mechanics

    Hey folks.

    I've completed an eComerce solution for the biz. Wanted to know what everyone thought of the site. This primarily related to design, not pricing or options or items sold as that is a different story. Something to consider is that this eCommerce solution caters primarily to custom computers/enthusiasts though it is supposed to be oriented towards mainstream sales of computers as well. Take this into account when considering the color scheme and design mechanics. Right now the site is undergoing a redesign based around a primarily white background - greys, and blue themed upon much critique of the colors. Please vote in the poll. I know not everyone will ever be happy.

    FYI: The Splash (entrance) page is going.

    Website available at:
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    I find it's to dark and has the feel of a gaming site, not selling computers.
    I like how the site runs ie layout menus, but to dark.

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