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    anyone has a reseller account for domain registration with ?

    prices seems good but there is no demo inteface for enduser and it seems that if you need to change the name of domain holder you need to send an e-mail (perhaps they charge for it)

    Any infos about this registrar?


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    After the comma comes the big but

    Looks good,,,,,,,,but.......all you need to know is in the upper left hand corner of their page-A Verisign Company. Run Run Run Far Away. Netsol/Verisign is the worst of all registrars to deal with . Furthermore, they have no business ethics as seen by the illegal (or at least those suing believe to be) or unscrupulous to trick consumers into switching to their high priced services. Even on this site, you see their strange and devious means....defining your pricing on the basis of how many overpriced, nearly useless (unless you are in the TV industry) .tv names you sell.

    If you want to suffer real pain, either go jump off a 10 story building or send them the $500 minimum initial payment.

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