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Thread: RAM help

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    RAM help

    hi i am buying new RAM but i need something thats not too expensive but will last long and work well because i need more ram to run graphic software

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    DDR, or DDR2?

    Do you game?

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    what mother board do you have ??
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    yup - need to know what motherboard you have (so we can find out what ram you need) or what ram you currently have.

    DDR is getting harder to source nowadays due to amds switch to DDR2 (am2) - thus ddr2 is also becoming very cheap

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    "not too expensive but will last long"?
    Some manufacturers have "value"-class RAM, it is not intended for performance but the quality is the same, many even have "lifetime quarantee".
    In my experience a 2 GB "value" DDR is often better than a 512 MB or even a 1 GB DDR2.
    The larger your RAM the less the system swaps datas on hard drive.

    Hope that helps.

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    Ddr2 Ftw!!!

    DDR2 - Cheap, highest in the market, powerfull.

    I wouldn't even bother with DDR now. You need to let us know what your PC build is so we can help you lol!
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    Yeah, that'd be a spark of genius.

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    DDR Zion Ram is best for you.

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