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    Copyright your script


    I hope tehre are enough php coders in this forum. I need some quick info.

    Is it possibile to copyright your php script. If so, how?

    I mean, I want to take legal actions against those who uses my php script without buying it, i.e as warez.

    Please reply.
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    As far as I know, as soon as you create a script that's genuinely your work - you attain copyright and it's yours to do with it what you like.
    If someone steals your script, you can prosecute them by law but you need to be able to prove they actually have your work (design scraps, file dates, logs, whatever you have available that can prove it is your work).
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    The easiest way to do this would be to print out all the code, date it, get a receipt from the post office, put it all in an envelope and mail it yourself. Don't open the envelope.

    You can always go with the best bet and go to a lawyer.

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    To truly be effective, the copyright must be registered or applied for at some official agency. This really helps when fighting for your right against someone priating your work. To register at the US Copyright Office, it costs $45.

    For more information see
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    Indeed, copyright is legally ascribed at time of creation but registering that copyright is important to actually protecting it in a court of law.

    I'm not sure if the envelope trick is regarded in courts.
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    With scripts, it is a little different. What if someone outside the US decides to use your script illegally?

    Make sure you implement good anti-piracy measures in your code, and then make sure you have your code encoded by either IonCube or Zend (I recommend IonCube)..
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    The envelope "trick" does indeed offer an accepted legal precedant in court - especially for material that has not been registered.

    The first thing to do if you are selling this PHP as a commerical closed soruce product is to do as stealthdevil suggested and use a bytelevel encoder such as Zend or IonCube. It won't stop people from using the script if they can get their hands on it but it will keep its internals relatively safe from prying eyes.
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    From knowledge, if its yours and you have written it from scratch its yours and so much action can be taken. Im unsure about legal action but one way to stop code rippers is to encode it all, and also try to create a licence system for it.

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    you are the legit copyright's owner of your material at the moment you create it. However, the easiest way to be absolutely sure nobody will ever questionned it, would be to print the document then ask someone you know to sign the document with time/date.


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