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    Need a Gaming Design

    Hi there,

    I've posted here before but never really found someone I liked. I had originally found someone for this project but I guess they dropped out and moved on.

    Anyway, this is for a Counter-Strike related gaming website. It will support CS, Condition Zero and Source. (if you're a gamer, you'll probably be familiar with these)

    I'm looking for a full design that is fresh, easy to navigate and attractive. I need to be able to display lengthy pages of content.

    Though I do not have a big budget. Probably around $200, I'd probably be willing to bump to $300 as well.

    If you're interested, please contact me on PM about this. You may also contact me via AIM if you'd like, information available in my profile. I'd like the designer who ends up doing my project to make all designs regarding colors, etc. I'm not very creative.

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