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    Need help deciding on a cart...

    Hey, I have been looking for a new shopping cart for my website. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 options.

    1: The pinnacle cart (
    2: A custom cart I found made by

    The custom cart, based on OsCommerce, is alot more expensive. But seems to be alot more SEO friendly. You can see an example of the custom cart here: Installed, it costs $2500, so I'm a bit reluctant to purchase that cart over the $600 cart. You can see a "default" setup of the Pinnacle cart here:, there have been no changes to it, so its just like it is out of the box. You can see a more complete version here:

    Can someone please advise on which cart I should go with? Or if you have another cart to suggest, that would be apprciated as well.

    Thanks, Brandon.

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    Do you have any requirements for shopping cart software?

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    Steve asks a good question - what features do you actually need, the bigger and more specific your list the better people can help.

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    Well, the more features the better. See my current site here: I don't have "real high" requirements. But I want a highly functional, and highly SEO cart. I am currently using a free cart. And have been having alot of problems with rankings and traffic, so I need to fix that...

    If I had to name a few that I would like though...

    Paypal pro support.
    SEO friendly.
    Easily skinned.
    Shipping set individually for each item.
    Easy to navigate admin panel.
    Secure code.
    Coupons, and user groups.

    That should cover the basics...


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    ZenCart provides all that you stated and is freely available. Can also be used with most any Hosting account. - for all your Hosting needs
    Helping people Host, Create and Maintain their Web Site
    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    I would recommend pinnaclecart, it seems to be an excellent piece of software. It comes with support for SEO friendly url's out of the box, and you can add the SEO extension here:

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    I was wondering if you made a choice. I am also considering targetem so if you did go with them, what was your experience?

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    I've built about six sites using Litecommerce from the makers of X-Cart. It is a commercial solution however what's nice about it is that there's an entire array of plug-ins for everything from payment processors to advertising and inventory management. It's a great solution and very inexpensive. My clients love it.
    Joey the Squid

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    oscommerce can be easily moded to be both easy to use and very seo friendly.....

    If you can not do it yourself, there are plenty of companies and freelancers who can do it for you for a resonable price....

    (a pre loaded oscommerce like cred-loaded can also be a good alternative for limiting the number of mods you need to add)

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    Check out CS-Cart. They are much better than X-Cart.

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    My primary problem with OSC/Zen/X etc (and most commercial carts, for that matter) is that the admin interface completely sucks. That's one of the things I *really* like about Pinnacle, the admin interface looks great and is dead simple for our customers to use.

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