I have a mortgage company as a client that is going to start sending emails to former clients. Instead of just using a text email, they would like to send some sort of graphic (like an email flier).

They said they can do it 1 of 2 ways.

This email will be sent once a week and highlight a new program, etc. The graphics can be the same each week, just the text will be different.

Suggestion 1) Hire someone to do the email template and get instructions on how to change the text themselves.

Suggestion 2) Hire someone for $10 a week to make the ad and change the text per instructions.

Obviously the best choice for the client is the first one, but there is opportunity for someone to make the template and basically get $10 a week for two minutes work each week.

Please PM me with your ideas and any examples of email marketing you have done. Will be making a decision very quickly.