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    [HIRING] Graphic artist - Logo designer


    I am looking for someone that designs graphics.

    I have been using an amazing designer (SitePoint designer of the year) but he has been missing for over a month and I have work I need done ASAP.

    I am looking for someone that can take on regular work and I would like the price to reflect it, I will be a long term customer if the work is good and on time

    An example of the work I am looking for is - Graphics like the logo.

    The work will be used for online and offline marketing and promotion.

    Please email designer [ at ] deuce ace . com (Please dont PM or post a reply, its likely I will miss it) with a link to your portfolio, contact details and cost for the main items (Stationary, logos and graphic designs).

    I am mainly interested in designers that can do good illustrations as part of their designs.

    I will contact everyone I am interested in

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    I highly recommend
    Makes the best logos IMO.
    Great communication skills.
    Excellent prices.

    Just let him know that majorglory sent ya. ;-)

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