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    ATDN is Tier 1 network?

    According to:
    ATDN is listed as Tier 1 network

    However, according to:
    ATDN doesn't have many peers, far less than many other providers which aren't Tier 1.

    So is Wikipedia wrong? (highly possible since it's publicly editable)
    Or is ATDN really a Tier 1 network with few peers?
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    Its not about how many peers you have, it is about who you peer with. The old-school definition of Tier 1 is that you can communicate with 100% of the Internet, ie: have "full routes" without paying for transit. Transit is defined as receiving routes to networks other than those within the AS used in the BGP session. Peers are simply networks with which you have BGP sessions, but not all BGP sessions are peers. Some networks have BGP sessions with their customers. Thus, a network with lots of customers who require BGP sessions will appear to have lots of peers. However, these are not settlement-free peering arrangements, but are sessions where the network is providing transit (full routes) to its customer, and do not add value in the form of additional routes to the network in question. ATDN appears to have BGP sessions with all the major networks. If none of those sessions are paid transit agreements, then yes, they are Tier 1. However, there is no qualitative difference between a network who fits the strict Tier 1 definition and a network who pays those networks for transit, or for the peering sessions themselves.
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    I also think two important things to remember are:

    1.) Tier 1 is a term that is defined in the eye of the beholder. I've heard large regional networks call themselves Tier1.

    2.) ATDN's AS is probably not the best picture of their true peering. Their network is quite a hodge podge and they have recip peering arrangements with a lot of their sister networks.

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    ATDN is technically a tier-1 network, but certainly not one of the greatest, to say the least.

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    They're Tier-1 as they do not buy transit. They don't have to have routes to 100% of the internet to fit the definition.

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    I haven't found fixedorbit very accurate in the past. It doesn't get all the peers of the ASN's it lists for sure.
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