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    Traffic Accounting Software

    Hi folks,

    What do you all use to keep track of your clients traffic usage and in turn bill them for overages etc.

    Presumably you do this from a central monitoring box.

    I'm more than familiar with the likes of cacti / mrtg etc for 'basic' throughput monitoring of switch / router ports, but I really need something that does that *and* gives me daily / weekly / monthly traffic totals per port / customer.

    Wrapped up in a nice interface is a bonus (doesn't have to be client facing as this will be deployed on a fully managed service and so is strictly for internal purposes), automatically calculating overages per customer and generating appropriate billing based on that would be even better.

    I'd roll my own but, to be honest, I'm not sure I'd trust it

    And given its where the $ would be coming kindof needs to work.

    So..any experiences? open source or commercial, whichever is best. Reliability, flexibility and maintainability are key (although I guess the pick any two maxim might apply there )

    Thanks for any input,


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    You can use RTG for billing purposes ( However, do note that if you have a large number of interfaces to monitor, RTG will require a pretty beefy server.

    If you are looking for a Windows based solution, check out PRTG: We use this and it works great.
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