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    Default NameServer for reseller account


    I'm facing a problem of setting default nameservers for reseller account. My Server has default nameservers with ns1( and ns2( One of my reseller want to have his own nameserver, so I registerd and

    The problem is when he create an account using his whm, account is created with the server default nameserver. How can I set his nameserver default for his reseller ?

    I appreciate if someone can help me.


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    When you setup the reseller privledges, there are boxes at the bottom to configure the name servers that his accounts will use.

    Resellers -> Reseller Center -> Edit Privileges/Nameservers

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    Ohh. I got it. I've alreay set that. But when I create a test account but whm use server's default nameserver. But it's ok now.

    Thanks for your help.

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