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    Hi Guys,

    We have around 3000 + domains,and we want to get accreditation from iccan.

    I would like to know if anybody knows any current iccan accredited registrar who wants to sell it to us.

    Or does any body know any agent or consultant other then logicboxes ( from directi )

    who deal with it ??

    I would appreciate your help.

    We dont want to directly go with icann .. and we want to become iccan registrar by purchasing a current one or via a consultancy who alrady had such regitered for reselling.

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    It's gonna cost you about $100,000. PM Domainator.
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    I honestly don't think 3,000 (or even 5,000) is a good benchmark to go accreditation. May I ask what makes you think it would be a better option, in terms of cost and control?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu2
    It's gonna cost you about $100,000. PM Domainator.
    It doesn't cost that just need to have near that much $$ in the bank or credit

    To ICANN:

    * US$2,500 non-refundable application fee, to be submitted with application.
    * US$4,000 yearly accreditation fee.
    * Variable fee (quarterly) paid once you begin registering domain names. This fee represents a portion of ICANN's operating costs.
    * Transaction-based gTLD fee (quarterly). This fee is a flat fee (currently $0.25) charged for each new registration, renewal or transfer. This fee can be billed by the registrar separately on its invoice to the registrant.
    * Please refer to the ICANN Budget for additional details about invoicing, including options for relief and fee caps.

    You must have:

    * US$70,000 in working capital requirement. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE PAID TO ICANN; ICANN requires only that you demonstrate (by submitting an independently verified financial statement) that you have at least this much liquid capital (cash or credit) before your ICANN accreditation becomes effective.

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