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    Help with my affiliate network

    Hey all,

    I'm try to build un affiliate network (like CJ) for my customer and I have some question about how I need to track the user:
    1. Where do I need to save the cookie? on the affiliate network domain or on the domain of my customer (manager of the affiliate program)?
    2. How do I need to save the cookie? (by image, by XML, by javascript)
    What is the best way?

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    1. Not sure how to answer this for sure without knowing more info, but in most cases it would be on the affiliate network domain. For example, lets say the site an affiliate is promoting is for Acme Widgets. If a potential customers follows an affiliate link to Acme's site, you want the cookie to come up later on when that customer goes back to make a purchase. A cookie stored domain of your customer isn't going to help much, unless your customer is hosting the signup page for Acme.

    2. What language are you using to code the sites? PHP, .NET, etc.
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