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    A few things I need help with.


    I'm not ready for Apache yet, so I'd like something a little more user friendly with a GUI. Open source please. I'm on Linux, Distro: Damn Small linux which is a mix between Knoppix and Debian.

    I'm also looking for a nice dynamic dns client.

    I've tried to google for one, but I can't download them all and test them, so I'm looking for a nice open source one.

    Sorry I'm not going into more detail because I had a niice long post, and then my WINDOWS XP crashed <sarcasm> (Never had that happen before) </sarcasm>

    If you have any suggestions or advice, i'd love to hear it.


    Mr. Ineedhelp

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    Are you looking for a desktop Linux based OS, or a web server? Apache is the later, and Debian is the former. Knoppix is a bootable LiveCD that is based upon Debian.

    And generally speaking, Windows XP doesn't crash. If yours is, then you probably have some nasty malware on your system
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    You're not going to find a Linux GUI web server. You will be able to find plenty of GUI frontends (probably web based) for Apache.

    Off the top of my head, I can think of webmin as an option. Also, some distros have GUI interfaces to manage services. OpenSuSE does, but I'm not sure if there is a frontend to Apache and, if there is, how in depth it is.

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    yeah, I see that there really is no gui for apache on Linux. Sigh...

    I better grab some books or something.

    But there are dynamic dns clients. Any reccomendations on open source ones?

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