Hi All,

I am a C-panel sysadmin having 3 years of experience. Now I am looking for a full time job postion in remote linux system administration. Please read through my details below.

CareerObjective:A position as a Senior UNIX/Linux administrator that lets me utilize my 3 years of experience in the webhosting industry.

Computer Experience:

* Linux: Inside-out knowledge of Linux (especially in Redhat distributions)
* Windows: Familiar with win 9x, 2000, NT
* Email: Excellent knowledge of Email with Exim4,Exim3, and Mailman
In Depth knowledge of mail protocols like SMTP, POP, and IMAP.
* Unix tools: Good knowledge of Unix and its administration (DNS/BIND, SENDMAIL, Taylor UUCP (UUCP over TCP, mail and news), mailing lists (bidirectional mailing list to news gatewaying), multihoming (non IP intensive http multihosting, sendmail and ftp multihosting), SSH, NIS, NFS, PPP, DHCP)
* Webmaster: Apache, CGI scripts, HTML.
* Networking: Very good knowledge of TCP/IP, routing, firewalling, and overall network security
* Programming: Good knowledge of C, Unix shell programming (Bash) and advanced knowledge of PHP and Mysql programming.

Why hire me:

* Fluent English speaker
* Positive attitude and customer centric
* Good customer service skills
* Quick and efficient work ethic
* Ability to be self supportive and learn new systems quickly

If you want to know more about me please contact me by [email protected] Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.