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    Are you bitten by the 'Startup Bug'?


    We have just launched a new service called for business and start-up minded individuals which will have news, articles, wisdom and other related and interesting stuff.

    We are still making some changes and making site design related modification while we would also add more functionality down the like.

    Pls give us your valuable feedback and ideas.

    Thanks & cheers

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    Nice design. easy to look at, quick to grasp.
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    Thank you Nils.
    We are again still working on fine tuning the design of some of the pages and also adding more functionality hoping that our user base would appreciate.

    Any of you could suggest, could be greatly helpful.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Extremely slow loading for me.
    Looks lik a digg clone, doesn't it?
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    You've obviously put a lot of work into it. I think the idea of having a startup resource is great. I'd tweak the design so it doesn't feel like digg.

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    Thank you for the feedback.

    It's definitely a digg clone in a sense that startupbug is a business and startup resource unlike digg covers more topics and the focus is primarily on tech [like slashdot] and general news.

    We are looking at making little tweaks to the design.

    I'd be really curious to hear from all of you, if i'd be doing any harm to startupbug if it ends up looking like a digg clone?

    Also how about this?

    I am thinking of making it a single column site, by moving the sidebar option - few to the top and others to the bottom and centering the entire page? Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks & Cheers

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    I'd have to see a screenshot of what you propose to comment. One thing is certain, I'd look negatively on a digg clone and, besides, it doesn't do justice to your idea.

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    You really should have a logo in place rather than "are you bitten by the startup bug" Nothing extravagant, just a simple logo saying StartupBug with your slogan being "have you been bitten?"

    Also aim to make the site less 'diggish' I very much like the whole social news aspect but change the interface a bit, possibly change the blue boxes to another shape or make them square. Also, instead of "bugg it" try putting "bug it," or "bug me" something that differentiates you from digg.

    Good luck with the site.

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    I have no idea what the numbers mean, or what "bugg it" is. Is it a rank of some sort? Try making it more clear. Otherwise, I found the site design very pleasant and intuitive. My only other suggestion would be to space out the different types of green links. Like, instead of using the pipe character '|' to seperate them, consider just using a bunch of   which I think will look more readable and less busy.

    Also, keep in mind "digg it" is a pun, since to dig something means to like it; it's slang. But even that is kind of dumb to me... anyway, "bugg it" makes no sense.

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    hmm reminds me too much of digg but it did load fast for me

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    Thank you for your suggestions and feedback.

    In the next 15 days or so, we are launching with more features and some more tweaks as suggested above by some members and I hope you'd like them.

    bugg it... is kind of voting... bugg is just a replacement word for vote it...

    Site loads sometime faster but at times slower. We are keeping a watch on this. Once we come out of beta, we'd consider moving to a different servers.

    Regarding the issue of digg like... digg has now completely changed its design yesterday. How would you as a user to startupbug react if i just tweak the previous version of digg for startupbug?

    Also... any comments on the theme?

    Thanks again for all your valuable feedback.

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    Basic design, I think it needs a better logo, and a little more colour. Apart from that, nice.


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    Your opening post made it sound like it would be quite a usefull site, then I took a look at it and realised it's just a poor digg clone.

    On the design front it's functional but the colours are flat and uninspiring. There's also far too much whitespace that it dominates the screen, especially when commenting on an article as your tag cloud drags the page out when there are no comments leaving you with a screen that is almost totally blank. It just looks bland and rather amatuer'ish.

    As for the functionality, as I said earlier I wasn't expecting a digg clone. From your description of the site I was expecting original content, advice and links to resources. I'm also not sure why I would go to your site rather than digg which already has a business section and a large community, you don't appear to be offering anything different.

    Whilst I guess that's not the type of input you wanted I do think that you have a good idea, you just need to re-think how you're going to present it and what you are going to offer. As it currently is I don't see it doing that well, sorry.

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    i would say its quite the knowledge base

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    Digg is more of tech news and general news, while it fails to cater to niche segments the same way it caters to the tech segment. Some VC's turned entrepreneurs blog saying they are done with digg as it doesn't offer them anything useful anymore.

    There is a lot of room for niche crowd-sourcing human news aggregators like digg and startupbug is one of them catering to business/startup segment.

    Just a thought though and open to debate the future of going niche.

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