Hi I am a client of Zone.net

First about me

I am moving my site filevortex.com (a site i have recently constructed and is still being fully built) to zone.net... I have a sort of mirror up at filevortex.net.. I have to divert traffic from my host to to my zone.net VPS because the traffic is reasonably heavy at times (upto 12 gigs per day as I am an autopatcher mirror)... I think they deserve me to quickly mention this: They have been OUTSTANDING helping me deal with issues of traffic from autopatcher.com to my mirror. I am certainly not the biggest mirror (the biggest mirror recently got 2 terrabytes of transfers in ONE day), but still the traffic can be heavy.

Okay about the changes:

Anyway I have recieved an email stating price changes and service improvements which I am sure all clients must have been sent.

They seem to have changed this "if you want to get an outstanding price, you need to buy several months at once" philosophy and the montlhy prices have reduced a great deal... They have added new plans etc...

I must say I am very happy with this, as the previous montly price is a bit hefty on my budget, but I must admit I am now considering upgrading to a higher account... I always lust for more power

They've got a forum up now, and I was the first poster .. This fixes all my years of frustrations at never making first post at slashdot

Anyway I do admit that I like zone.net, but I am holding off detailed comments about things until the end of my first billing cycle.. At which time I will write a detailed and frank review of them. I know they had some complex issues with the kernal and their amd64 processors but I am still impressed thus far. I mean they put up with me and believe me I go ON AND ON about everything, and I can turn a simple issue into a thousand complex ones I am a person of too many words

Again I dont have time to edit this post, excuse me, but the teenagers, they need my attention before one of them beats the other to death with the hairbush...