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    Have a Dedicated Server? Lets Trade Service...

    Do you have a dedicated server that is under utilized? I do too. I'd like to put up some sites that are on different IP blocks than mine now, but I don't want to buy another server. Are you in the same boat? Lets talk and perhaps I can host something for you, and vice versa.

    Note: Your server must not host any spammish sites.

    My apologies if this is the incorrect forum for this post.

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    So you want to multihome your sites? Is that it?

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    PM or email me with what you have in mind. I might be willing to work someting out with you.

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    bambenek -
    No. I'd just like to for various reasons (search engines, etc) put up a few sites that are not on the same IP, or even the same IP block as my current ones, but I'm not really interested in buying another dedicated server or hosting another colocated box in another datacenter.

    Monte- will do.

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    Sharing dedicated servers is like sharing wives though... and I'm a jealous lover....

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    no shell. just enough access to upload pages. just like a virtual host basically

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