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    Question Best email newsletter/affiliate program friendly registrar?

    I have dug through the threads, searched for a previous answer to this question but have not been able to find a clear one so I thought it would be worth posting and asking this question...

    I am looking for the best accredited registrar (I don't feel like dealing with a reseller if I do not have to) for domains that will be associated with major online businesses.

    Here are my specs:

    1. The business will have an optin email news letter. Strong privacy and anti spam policy and be CANSPAM compliant. Subscribers will have to personally opt in on the site to get on an email list.

    2. The business will have an affiliate program, manage affiliates, and allow email promotion by affiliates only to optin subscribers of that affiliates personal newsletter. The affiliate program has a strong anti spam policy and legal agreements as well as a no tolerance stance on legit spam complaints against an affiliate.

    3. The business will provide a web based service for rss and podcast syndication for publishers as well as a vibrant portal, marketplace, and some social networking aspects.

    Now, I know that the occasional spam complaint is inevitable even when you follow all the rules and enforce strict anti spam policies. I also know that some registrars like Godaddy do not bother to investigate the validity of a spam complaint and use them as a way to hold your domain ransome and extort fees to get it back.

    I am looking for the best registrar for the business model above. One that will contact the domain owner and verify the legitimacy of a spam complaint before taking rash actions and one that does not hold you hostage on a wim.

    I am also looking for a registrar that is accredited and has a history and track record for professional and quality service.

    I have a reseller account with Enom but have not registered domains with them yet. Do they meet these specifications?

    I have well over 100 domains in my wild west (godaddy) reseller account and some at godaddy and I plan to move the domains associated with affiliate programs and email based newsletters off godaddy and wild west to a more professional and business friendly registrar.

    Please let me know the names of qualified registrars you can recommend that meet these specifications.

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    You seem to be around wherever I look. I have not had a moment to sit down and read that ebook you sent me via PM in the warrior forum yet but I imagine it probably answers some of my questions as well.

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer me here too ;-)

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    Not a problem.

    When it comes to referring people to a registrar, my 2 main concerns are price and
    support. But between the 2, the latter's more important for me.

    Without going into extensive detail (which could use up a lot of space), Moniker
    has great to even excellent support. Just in time, too: they recently lowered their
    prices for .com to make it more affordable for the average online business owner.

    I'm exploring a few more registrars. But for the time being, Moniker fits my bill.

    Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks.

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