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    What parts are most important on a server?

    Im going to buy a new server in the nearest future, and then im woundering whats important?

    Whats important of these, and why:

    10 or 15k RPM HDD?
    High Cache on HDD?
    High MHz on CPU?
    High Cache on CPU?
    1 or 2 CPU's?
    Much MB's of RAM?
    High MHz on RAM?

    And whats the difference between a cheap and a expensive Main board?

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    HL 2
    Battlefield 2

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    Memory and CPU speed. I don't think any of those servers are multi-threaded, but I could be wrong.

    The best way to figure it out for your needs, though, is just to work backwards from the slowest component on a server(the HDD) and work up to the fastest(the memory) and decide where you want to spend the money.

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    Will this work good?

    OCZ DDR2 2048MB Gold GX XTC Dual Channel 667Mhz

    Intel Pentium D 945 3.4GHz/800 MHz/2X2MB

    Hitachi Ultrastar 15K147 36 GB Ultra320 SCSI

    This is the parts im thinkin of buying, are this the right parts for a gamming server? Or do someone have any idčas for improvment?

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    up the ram, i wouldn't worry about the 'gold' and OCZ is more gamers ram...
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    What about Kingston Hyper X then?

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    You don't want Pentium D. You want the Core 2 Duo CPU or Xeon 3000 series (they are actually the same exact chip). Pentium D is runs very hot and has very poor performance compared to Core 2 Duo.
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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz Socket LGA775, 2MB, BOXED

    instead of Intel Pentium D 945 3.4GHz/800 MHz/2X2MB?

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    Arent the Xeon 5030 around the same price as duo E6300? not really sure, but i might go with a Xeon 5030 over a duo E6300
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