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    WHM -> Service status. What do they mean?

    Okay, I have a VPS with KnownHost if that helps at all.

    When I go to "Service Status", I get:

    cpsrvd up
    Server Load 0.00 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 72.8 %
    Swap Used 1.56 %
    Disk vzfs (/) 26 %

    All items show a "green ball"

    Is the info server-wide or just for my VPS? What is swap, and what is Disk vzfs? Any other useful info?

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    That's the stat for the entire server.
    Basicly green means OK
    Swap is the so called virtual memory, when the server rans out of physical memory(RAM) it uses Swap.

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    In this case it's actually just for your VPS.
    Disk vzfs simply means your system's 'filesystem' - e.g. storage.

    Swap is essentially when a computer uses hard-drive space as memory when it's running low. If your load is low swap is generally of no concern.

    Best of luck!
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    Actually it rather depends on what the vps is running.

    My guess (just based on the fact that you're seeing only 2 processors) is Virtuozzo 2 or OpenVZ, in which case:
    server load value and disk space are just for your VPS,
    memory usage and swap values relate to the whole machine (yes, this is confusing!)

    In any case as long as you're seeing low loads and not too much swap usage you don't need to worry about it.


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    You're using too much memory for the server load that's having, and you're already in swap.
    I suggest to get more RAM on that VPS, otherwise you may have some problems when the activity rise
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