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    * [SALE] ($80)

    Alright guys i am selling a domain along with the entire site/data except the IPB license i can convert it if you do not wish to use IPB as the forum software! I am accepting $80 for starters but if someone offers more then so be it.

    Created: 02-Sep-2005
    Expires: 02-Sep-2007

    SEO Score: 55% (Based on stats)

    Description: A forum based on sony's playstation portable it currently has 3,000+ members and is growing each day!

    Traffic: It is archived on and has a total of about 200 google hits per day.... not to mention it is in almost every search engine on the web including major engines (google, yahoo, ask jeeves, msn ect...) so we have some pretty hefty hits.

    Revenue: I have made a total of $122 in a total of 3 months with the clicksor publisher ad's that was put up and removed.

    I can accept paypal or a few major credit cards although i prefer not to because of paypal's extra fee's, any questions, concerns or payments can be made via PM i will be online alot.

    NOTE: The site does have and support backup copies of PSP games and movies it is up to you if you wish to remove or keep them although none are hosted on the server they are indexed via external links.

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    Is this website banned from putting google adsense ?

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    I'll offer $80

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    No the website is not banned from putting any ad's i have only used clicksor and i have gotten both payments never been banned or suspended from anywhere or any services

    @ - efootball i hope you do not mind if i drop you a PM, $80 is good to go i'm not really looking for more.
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    I will also be throwing in another domain name for free! The purpose of the site was to base it on the new Sony Playstation 3 console although it has not been advertised still it is a nice addition if you are buying the PSP site to add a network of sony gaming related sites if you wish.

    So i am offering the fully complete site with everything except the IPB license, i can convert the forum as well if you'd like the site has plenty potential and can double the money spent on buying it in only 2-3 months between donations and advertisements (if you choose to) Plus i am offering the domain for free both will expire in about 10 months, First person to PM me with the $80 will own both.

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    Before i PM and confirm my offer i should of mentioned that with payment from paypal it takes 7-9 days for the echeck to clear

    Obviously ustill it clears i will not have access to the site

    but i thought i'd mention it before i pm you incase you need the money straight away

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    if he doesnt clear through with it i'll buy for 80

    or if you start taking bids, let me know
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    Domain has now been sold

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