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    Live Help Messenger (awesome script!)


    I don't want to sell this but i am forced to so i can purchase another script, that's business hey!

    Anyway here today i have for sale at $70 this:

    Please add me to MSN: [email protected]

    Looking for quick sale, payment via PP

    Live Help Extensive Features
    Live Help - MySQL, PHP Live Help Solution MySQL, PHP Live Help Solution Live Help - Leave Offline Messages Leave Offline Messages
    Live Help - UTF-8 Language Pack Support UTF-8 Language Pack Support Live Help - Offline Message Security Code Offline Message Security Code
    Live Help - Easily Allocate Live Help Requests Easily Allocate Live Help Requests Live Help - Graphical Installation Graphical Installation
    Live Help - Exclusive Instant Messenger Design Exclusive Instant Messenger Design Live Help - Transfer Guests Between Staff Transfer Guests Between Staff
    Live Help - Online/Offline/Be Right Back Status' Online/Offline/Be Right Back Status' Live Help - Guest Rating of Live Help Support Guest Rating of Live Help Support
    Live Help - Send Pre-typed Responses Send Pre-typed Responses Live Help - Downloadable Win32 Admin Client Downloadable Live Help Messenger
    Live Help - Send Links / Images / JavaScript Send Links / Images / JavaScript Live Help - Pending User Request Popups Pending User Request Popups#
    Live Help - Unlimited Operators Unlimited Operators Live Help - Browsing User Request Popups Browsing User Request Popups#
    Live Help - Multiple Chat Windows Multiple Chat Windows# New Live Help Feature Live Help - Auto-login as Hidden Operator Auto-login as Hidden Operator#New Live Help Feature
    Live Help - New Message Sound Alerts Sound Alerts#New Live Help Feature Live Help - Operator to Operator Chats Operator to Operator Chats#New Live Help Feature
    Live Help - Unlimited Departments Unlimited Departments Live Help - Customise Campaign Banner Customize Images
    Live Help - Multi-department Operators Multi-department Operators Live Help - Popup Friendly Initiate Chat Popup-Friendly Initiate Chat
    Live Help - Visitor Statistics / Time Online Visitor Statistics / Time Online Live Help - mySQL Database Driven PHP, MySQL Database Driven
    Live Help - Visitor Footprints / Path Visitor Footprints / Path Live Help - Typing Alerts Typing Alerts
    Live Help - Visitor Referrer Information Visitor Referrer Information Live Help - View Operator Online/Offline Status' View Operator Online/Offline Status'
    Live Help - PUSH Links / URL's PUSH Links / URL's Live Help - FREE Unlimited Future Upgrades FREE Live Help Server Software Upgrades
    Live Help - IP-Country Detection IP-Country Detection Live Help - Install/Run on your Server/Domain Install on your own web server
    Live Help - Customise Logos / Status Images Customise Logos / Status Images
    Live Help - Print Chat Transcripts Print Chat Transcripts
    Live Help - Auto Save/Logged Transcripts Auto Save/Logged Transcripts
    Live Help - View Previous Transcripts View Previous Transcripts#New Live Help Feature
    Live Help - Settings / Logo Management Settings / Logo Management
    Live Help - Real-time Support Statistics Real-time Support Statistics
    Live Help - Innovative Design Innovative Design

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    Stardevelop do not allow transfers of Live Help Messenger

    (a) Vendor hereby grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, nontransferable, license (without the ability to sublicense) to use this product and make one copy of the Software in machine-readable form for backup purposes.

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    Thanks for posting that - i didn't know....damn!!!

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    that software is very cool, damn i wish i had that, but is there an affordable version out there?

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    Single Domain License - US$89.95 <>

    That's affordable if you ask me.
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