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    Small script needed

    Hi there, I am interested in having a small php / mysql script created. Nice and easy one this should be.

    It is for keeping track and administrating scanner frequencies for police and fire in different area's. A good example for this is at but you get the idea.

    Another one is here as well

    It would not have to be that much involved.
    In the back end, an admin access 1 user or ability to add more if its easy to do, but not required.

    - ability to create state / main area
    - ability to create sub area, county for example
    - ability to create one more sub area - city for example

    inside of each area selected, we want to be able to add the following
    - Frequency (numbers)
    - Name of Frequency
    - Notes

    Then outside ont he front end -
    Users would select what state they are looking for info on, then the county or the city to keep narrowing it down to. In each stage the info that is contained for that area would be displayed.

    Maybe even a search option.

    But thats about it. Any suggestions -
    Not looking to spend a whole lot on this, I know it owuld be pretty simple to do I just dont have the time to learn how to do it.


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    added to AIM

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    Guess this was a harder request than I had thought

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