I am an experienced FreeBSD/ RH Linux admin looking for remote tech support/admin/ server management positions

I am based in a time zone roughly 12 hours from US and can work fairly cheap by US $ standards.

I have experience in

FreeBSD 4.4 , 4.5 , Linux RH 7.2
install, configure, kernel recompile,ipfw/tables, user & quota management, securing and hardening the OS, installing packages and daemons from both tarballs and ports/RPM - can manage a server from the command line

install, configure, enable suEXEC, managing modules & DSO, installing FP extensions, SSL, virtual namebased and IP based hosting

<same kinda blurb including spam protection, installing virus scanners etc., >

Can install a qmail based mail-toaster from scratch on both FreeBSD and Linux with open-ldap, mySQL, SSL/ TLS / APOP

Can install IMP / squirrelmail or any other compatible webmail program

BIND & tinydns
again command line familiarity with both DNS servers
Can juggle with DNS and move sites from server to server with 0 down-time and 0 emails lost


install, performance tuning, configuration

Also experienced with WHM/ CPanel for a year. Can support all options in CPanel

I have a DSL and can be online for a reasonably long time of the day if the money is good

Please email [email protected] if you are interested.