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    Question cPanel & WHM (Deep end)

    Hi everyone,

    What can I say life is a journey and this is one bumpy ride

    Until a few days ago I had my site hosted on shared server but due to so many MySQL failures I decided to move to a VPS, which I did.

    Until I have the NS pointers changed and new server configured I'm keeping my site live on the shared server (another provider). I guess you can see where this is going to . Well for the last couple of days I've been trying to figure out how to properly create my site using cPanel/WHM. All is just to overwhelming (interface to the left). I created/deleted a dummy site once or twice but then I can figure out where to copy the site files to and this is just the tip of iceberg.

    Can anyone PLEASE suggest a link or tutorial which gives some guidance in how to create a site the correct way in cPanel/WHM. I would very much appreciate a bit of help.


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    Creating a site in CPanel is simple, and very straightforward.
    If you get stuck, the doc and faq pages are very helpful.
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    Linux-tech provided the link that will mostly help you out. However there are some FAQ's that if you look around google you can find. Did your host not help you with this?
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