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    * [PLEASE REVIEW] - An Advertising Extravaganza!

    He everyone,

    I've been getting good feedback from several other webmaster forums and thought I'd see what you guys think of my latest project. has been online since early November, 2006.

    The concept is simple. An ad is sold for $1. Then the next ad costs just $1 more. So $2 for #2, $3 for #3, so on and so forth. As you can see it's doing quite well sales-wise and traffic is skyrocketing:

    The entire site is automated. When ads are purchased they are automatically displayed instantly. There is also a referrals page that automatically lists any website that sends traffic to KOTB. The blog is done with WordPress.

    Please let me know what you think of the idea first of all, but most importantly what you think of the look and feel of the site. Is it easy to navigate? Easy to understand?

    Please feel free to offer any other suggestions you can think of as well!

    I appreciate your input! Thanks for looking!
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    I don't get it -- why are people expected to click on the ads? I mean, isn't your site only for people who want to post the ads? I don't know who else would visit a site that's nothing but ads. Also, I don't really see how it can sustain itself since the price of ads increases each time one is posted.

    When I read your description, I assumed the ads were circulated through other websites based on their rank, but is this not the case?

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    haha it's not bad actually. At first I thought it was ugly but the theme goes well with your header. It reminds me of a comic bookish theme.

    It loaded fast too, who's your host?

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    So what is the incentive for end users to visit this site?
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