Having been in the hosting business for nearly 7 years, GitFlorida.com has the knowledge and experience you need to meet your uptime and speed requirements.

GitFlorida is an Enterprise Host. Our customers demand the utmost in stability and we provide it. We work with multiple platforms and our servers are all lightly loaded. We do not oversell any of our resources. If you buy 3GB of disk space you get 3GB. 10GB of transfer, all on one domain... No problem. 100GB on one domain STILL no problem.

Recently we have added support for new OSs and architectures. Previously we have offered Solaris dedicated servers, as well as HP-UX, OpenBSD and others. Based on our familiarity with these OSs and their proprietary architectures, we have added support into our H-Sphere cluster for these OSs.

We are, at the moment, the only hosting option out there for Solaris10, HP-UX, OpenBSD and (Soon to come) AIX, supporting a major control panel.

FreeBSD Presence
1GB disk space
3GB of transfer/month
FreeBSD based

FreeBSD Enterprise
3GB disk space
10GB of transfer/month
FreeBSD based

For plans based on Solaris, HP-UX or OpenBSD, Please contact [email protected]

Visit us at http://www.gitflorida.com