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    Have small nameserver issue

    I have 2 servers. One of which I am planing to give as a dedicated I will call it CE and the main SI. What's happend is that the main one used to be CE and a client was left there. He has private nameservers and I need to transfer them but I cant as it says something about ICANN..please help

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    I'm a bit confused with your question

    Can you please be more specific about the problem? and what is the exact error about ICANN you received?
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    make sure the nameservers you're trying to register (or transfer) him to are listed @ glue. This is the most important step in any nameserver setup, and can only be done @ your registrar.

    The policies for these vary from registrar to registrar, as does how to do it.

    Most likely this is what is stopping the transfer, however if that doesn't work, then you'll need to post the exact error message to obtain further assistance.
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