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    * review: my SureA host!!

    i've always wanted to be part of a website that offers help particularly to students in school, either high school, college or university. i have one now!

    I recently found a domain name i really liked and had some meaning from sTag-Dan. The domain name is www .SureA .net which Dan was selling and bought it from him today. I did not have hosting either so i bought everything including hosting. i called their toll free number hoping to get more information and yes, the staff answered at 6am in the morning! expected since they stated 24/7 support.

    Dan was really helpful to get me setup right away and their staff was really professional and knew what they were doing. i have my forums setup which i have yet to configure. i bought a shared hosting package which was enough to get me started.

    all in all, i am really happy how everything went. i have searched around for a while for a domain name and hosting and I have found it! I can't wait to get started.

    i hope this is helpful for anyone looking for a hosting company. i will make another post when a month goes by since i noticed that is how reviews are done. thanks servertag!!!1

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    Glad you found a host that you are happy with.

    Keep us posted as time goes on.
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    Good for you man, waiting for your three month review.
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    Glad to hear that you've found the perfect host for yourself. Keep us updated

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    i will! thnks everyone!

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