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    Dedicated Server Remote Control Software Suggestions.

    I am looking for a peice of software or something that I can administer remote reboots and shutdowns and powerons and such.. I have read about HPs iLO but this seems to be available for their servers only and its a hardware addon.. I realize its most likely going to be a hardware addon, but anyone have any suggestions, Im getting the dedicated from layered tech.

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    Yes try shutdown -r now command via shell it will reboot server remotely. Or if using windows try Ctrl+Alt+End(u must be rdped into the server first) and use shutdown option.


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    Yeah, I know I can use the normal *Nix commands, but on something like a lockup, what would I do in that situation... besides being sol. =)

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    You are talking about a remote reboot port. A lot od DCs offer those, not sure layeredtech does.
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