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    Hi all,

    First off: sorry to the mods if this post is in the wrong place, couldn't decide where to put it Feel free to move it.

    I'm currently looking at creating a portal system for a client, and was looking into the possibility of adding a "News" section. I can drag this news in anyway available, e.g. cached RSS or cached webpage download etc.

    My problem is, I need a legal news source. This doesn't have to be full articles, just snippets with a link to the full article is absolutely fine (Google News style).

    The first thing I thought of was Google News' RSS service, but after reading their ToS I discovered that they don't allow you to add any of the information to a commercial website. To be fair, this kinda surprised me since the content they have is simply spidered from other news sources anyway, strange .

    Wikinews however, as expected, allows you to copy any portion of the site, and full articles if you like - but I fear that using Wikinews wouldn't be "professional" enough for what we're aiming to achieve.

    If anyone knows of any services (or scripts) which would allow me to legally obtain news content please let me know (again, I'm only looking for a paragraph of news from each article, and then a link to the full article, just like how it's done on Google News).

    Hope that made sense, any ideas feel free to post


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    Since you're posting here on this site, I assume you're looking for hosting related news?

    Maybe this helps:
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    Nope, sorry, thanks for the info though.

    I was looking for "general" and/or "local"(ish) news, such as Top Stories. Iv'e asked the same question on a few other forums with no reply, but thought I would post here because there is a helluva lot more intelligent people on these forums than some "others"

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    You can try services like All Headline News, Associated Press or Adfero..

    Sorry no links...

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