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  1. What is the difference between GET and POST ?

    Hi guys,

    I have been using POST for whatever form I have done for my whole life when suddenly this question came to my mind:
    "what is the difference in POST method and GET method when submitting forms?"
    I was told that POST is more secured though, cause the variables doesnt get shown in the URL. Other than this is there any other differences?

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    What are the differences between GET and POST?
    Dec 27th, 2000 04:20

    Philip Olson, Nathan Wallace, Fiona Czuczman

    GET : Data sent through variables as part of the URL


    POST : Data Sent as a separate HTTP header. Not seen in URL.

    If you use GET, info is logged by the server (apache). For example, if
    you submitted password in cleartext, we can see it. POST request data
    is not usually logged.

    There used to be a limit on the length of GET requests. Now it's
    technically "unlimited" by spec, but individual servers are allowed to
    impose a limit no lower than the old limit.

    Ditto for POST, only POST was a higher old limit.

    Still can't rely on the Browser, intermediary servers, and your server
    to all transmit anything over the old limit (4K?) for POST.

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