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    Opinions on VPSes

    I have been researching VPS providers for the past several weeks, and I am looking for some real world experiences with providers so hopefully the community can help me out!

    I have a rather small website that I am launching, but it needs a high level of availability. I assume I will need at least 256mb of RAM but very little bandwidth, a control panel is not needed either. My budget is in the 40-60/month range.

    I have looked at PowerVPS, LiquidWeb, EuroVPS, Steadfast, LayeredTech, and If you have used them, what are your experiences with uptime and support requests?

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    Look for a provider that has high-quality components throughout and has staff who actually *know* what they are doing.

    40-50 will get you a good quality VPS, depending on who you go with. Just research your providers and even ask then for a trial period.
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    That is a great budget so you will not have much of an issue finding a VPS for that price.

    Do you need a fully managed or are looking for an unmanaged VPS or somewhere in the middle though.

    This will be what changes your monthly price quite a bit. I am assuming since you do not need a control panel that you have some experience managing a server. Is this correct?

    This information will help others make recomendations for you.

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