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    Please review the site

    Hi ! I've come up with a new design for my site. Please review it.

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    I like the color scheme of the reds and the simplicity of the layout, but perhaps the left nav is a bit too simple/plain. Maybe change the way the links are organized on the left.

    A welcome message might not be a bad idea either.

    Other than that I like it though, the site is very informative.

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    Agree with VGmedia... design needs a 'teeny' bit more professional feel since you are offering downloads. I would never download unless I was 100% comfortable with a company...

    There is also a javascript error on your page somewhere. I am running IE6.0.

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    Thanx for the suggestions...! Anyother issues ?

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    I think you should ditch the dark red outline and maybe design or get someone to design you a nice looking banner for the top which stands out.

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    This layout is boring and plain. I thought it was one of those search engine domain sites. The kind where you stumble upon a bad link and it looks like a lame search engine.

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    Hey quazi ! Is it really boring ? Thanx for the suggestion crandall87, the site needs a logo/banner as you said.

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    To be honest, it looks a bit like a parking page due to the colors and the way the menu is placed.
    I would focus on making a creative logo and nice menu navigation area.
    Overall, I like the contents you have, and the site has a lot of potential.
    Good luck

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    definetly make a better logo and maybe organize the links on the left a little bit better.

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