Dietzel LLC, a premier provider of incentive based offerings is proud to announce their affiliate program. Domain Lagoon runs many incentive sites where users get gifts for filling out surveys and other various offers that typically cost the surfer nothing.

Our Affiliate program pays $2 for each member you refer to us that completes the program and earns their free gift. They typically can complete the program in less than 20 minutes.

Our Network of Sites includes: Offers *Free* Domains Offers *Free* Domains Offers 1 Yr of Hosting and Domain for *Free* - Offers 1 yr of Free* Ventrilo Hosting

We butterfly market our sites to the members of each. This means to you that if your referral signs up for one of the sites and then decides to sign up for a second site, you will receive credit two times for that one referral. This means you can earn up to $8 per referral.

We pay out the referral commission based on completion of the site program where user is available to earn free gift.

Signup for our affiliate program and start earning today at

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* - means that the offers do not cost the customer anything in most cases. On Url Savings and Voicelagoon there are a few that cost $1. The domain is in exchange for their time in filing out Surveys and offers from our sponsors.