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    How to measure bandwidth for billing?

    Hi all,

    I'm working with setting up some unmanaged servers and colo customers. I need to be able to bill them for going over a certain amount of bandwith, and potentially shut down the ports.

    Since I won't manage the servers, having software on the systems won't do me any good.

    How do you measure switch utilization and shut down or bill extra for high usage? I'm researching, so multiple answers are welcome!

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    I would recommend cacti.
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    Ubersmith DE will do this for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by inteltechs
    I would recommend cacti.
    Does cacti have the ability to get at the data store do a monthly calculation that you could use? I know you can drill down in the graphs, monthly...but some other wayof actually getting a vairable out of it.
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    Yes cacti can get monthly calculation and 95 percentile numbers. Just be aware that it uses rrdtool. rrdtool is not meant for bandwidth usage for billing purposes as it averages numbers very quickly. If you try and retain 5 min statistics for more than 1 month (cacti does NOT do this by default, I think 5 min stats are only kept for 1 day and you have to do some significant tweaking to get it to do otherwise) rrdtool will consume a lot of resources of your server.
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    I have yet to see numbers out of cacti that are even remotely correct, despite spending lots of time working on the config. We had been using MRTG since 2001 or so but recently installed RTG and it's working well, matching all of the numbers from our MRTG system (we're running them in parallel now).

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