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    * verotel vs ccbill for adult site????

    I found another system for adult sites: verotel, is this better than ccbill?
    is it truth that the credit cards of people from L.A. are not accepted for ccbill but are accepted by verotel???
    (I know it sounds crazy but a guy from L.A. told me that)

    (Please, I thought to add this to the other thread but I guessed this is different enough as to make a new thread, if am wrong please correct me.)

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    CCBill is US based and therefore subject to the card companies strict regulations. Verotel is based in the EU and therefotre not subject to US specific regs.

    I wouldn't think that the card companies have any special rules for LA - it's more like someone's card was refused by CCBill but accepeted by Verotel - both companies probably use a different set of security checks.

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    Did you consider paycom or merchant2020?
    Do you already have a site?

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    I am not at US nor at EU, so paycom is not an option, I already have a site:

    I was using paypal for it, but I was unaware of the fact that they do not accept adult content, because another site similar to mine also used, and still uses!!!

    and that's too bad, actually my experience with paypal was great!!!!
    until they frozen our account but we had almost nothing at the account at the time of freezing.

    paypal is really great, its a pity.... that they do not accept adult material...

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