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    Some design work needed for personal gaming website


    A few friends and I are looking to start up a clan in the next few weeks and thus we need an online presence to promote ourselves. I can code and work with HTML and simple CSS myself BUT I can never get the "esque" in design... Thus I am looking for someone to do it for me...

    Our budget is about 20-30$ (Yeah it's low but that's all we have to work with), and this job would preferably suit someone who wants to fill up their portfolio with more of their live designs. We're looking for something very simple, a few basic pages in HTML with a nice, fluent design is all we want - hence the budget.

    Please MSN me at [email protected] or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will tell you what ideas we have.

    Stephen J.

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    I just added you on my msn... I can help you with this..

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