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    Help I got virus

    Hi Guys,

    I got virus. According to avira antivir, the name of the virus is TR/Spy.Goldun.M

    I tried to delete internet explorer but a new iexplore.exe keeps poping out.

    It looks like the virus has invested memory.

    I know this has nothing to do with webhosting, but you guys are the best techies. ANyone can help?

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    uninstall the current antivirus and try nod32 ..i trust it :-D... scan with 'microsoft malicious software removal tool ' as well...

    remove temporary internet files and clean temp directory..let us know how it g es

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    Backup any files you need, then wipe you system and install linux. Alternately, download a trial version of bit defender from
    , install and update that, and run a full system scan. Thats should help. Bit Defender is the best antivirus solution I have come across to date.

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    I did not check out the virus that you mentioned, but some viruses are able to terminate & corrupt known anti-virus products with built in anti-virus killers. I suggest that you try Panda Online Anti-Virus scanner by going to: - See if you can run the online scan using firefox or an alternate browser, although it may require IE.

    You could also download "HijackThis" from

    Save HijackThis to it's own folder example: c:\hijackthis (for back up purposes)

    Click Scan & Save Log. Do not FIX anything as normal entries are contained in the list. Then post your log here. I can check it out for you, and let you know what needs to be fixed.

    Also you do not need to reformat your pc, just need to remove the virus.

    Question - Why are you trying to delete Internet Explorer? I don't suggest doing that. What makes you think IE has been infected?
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    Update: I found one reference to this virus from the avira website, although it has a slightly different name: TR/Spy.Goldun.CL.1

    If this is the virus it has the following features:

    • Blocks access to security websites
    • Lowers security settings
    • Records keystrokes
    • Registry modification
    • Steals information
    • Third party control

    Stealing: It tries to steal the following information:
    – Passwords typed into 'password input fields'
    – Email account information obtained from the registry key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts

    – Passwords from the following programs:
    • Internet Explorer
    • My IE
    • Miranda
    • Mozilla
    • Maxthon
    • The Bat!
    • Outlook Express
    • MSN Explorer
    • ICQ
    • Opera

    – It captures:
    • Login information

    While it does not seem to infect Internet Explorer it appears as if it loads a .dll injected trojan directly into all processes, including Internet Explorer. Potentially capable of giving a stranger complete access to your computer.

    It also blocks access to many known security sites, although I did not see panda mentioned in the list.

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    I restart the computer. Let antivir run a full scan. Looks like problem solved.

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    A bit late, but moved to Computers forum.

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    why not use norton anti virus or notron internet security, i am using it on my laptop with windows defender and there hasn't been any virus on my computer. But i use firefox to surf internet so i guess that keep my computer more secure.

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    If I ever get a virus, which is usually unlikely, all I do is type it in google and instantly you get a lot of results that help you remove it from your computer.

    You just need be a bit more careful to start with.
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    boot into safe mode (tap F8 when you turn your pc on)

    boot into safe mode with networking
    Run a few scanners - at work we use bit defender free online scanner (vgood cleaner)

    Trend micro house call (again via browser)

    Download and run a full scan with ad-aware, spybot and ccleaner

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    There is a Goldun removal tool, not sure if it supports the variant you have:

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    If you are using Win XP/ME make sur e you disable SystemRestore before scanning for viruses.
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