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    Company Website

    Could I get some opinions on the serverdestination website? Anything will be appreciated. I just found out the buttons look badly positioned when viewed using Mozilla.. I'll have to fiix that.

    Note: ServerDestination has NOT been launched yet.

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    Tried to look at it but "The page cannot be displayed" don't know what's wrong.

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    Looks like a great start. A big wide for my screen resolution, but hey maybee its time i got out of the 800x600
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    wow....that girl looks scary.......

    nice site though.......very simple and clean.........


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    i'd say stunning instead of scary.

    and, i'd also say change the font. i just dont like the look of times new roman (i think it is) on 'sites.

    i think, given the nice very pale look of the background, some translucency on the yellow/orange table cells would look so good.

    aaaaand finally, maybe its just me, but i'd much prefer to use me mousewheel to scroll, than have to hover over those (admittedly tidy) little icons.
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    Agree with Ev0 about the fonts. Graphics and layout very clean and cool. I hope the welcome paragraph on the main page is not production stuff. Grammar and punctuations need some attention. Nice piece of work overall !

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    I agree, normally its best to stay away from using Times New Roman on sites. Also, I noticed it appears your main page is in Tahoma, so perhaps you will be changing to that font? My personal preference is to never use Tahoma unless I have it in a really small font because the font itself is quite large compared to others. Lastly, I suggest you don't tailor the site to ONE specific browser and resolution, that is a bad habit. However, I do like the layout and the idea of changing the eyes to a yellow. BTW, where did you get that image? I've been looking for some good image sites to just mess around with the graphics in Photoshop. Thanks.

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    The navigation arrows

    The navigation seems hard to find. Took me while to find out how to scroll when i first clicked on hosting.

    Can you make your navigation arrows to move the page up and down a bit easier?

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    Only a couple of comments. Love the design. Change this into English: " is the place for all of Internet Services needs"

    Great look but be careful with your English.


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    Thanks for all the reviews. I guess the fact English is my second language shows.. that's one of the reasons I let other people look at my work before I release it, to catch my mistakes. Don't mind the text on the pages, it's just some stuff I made up quickly before uploading. I'm working on fixing the browser problem. The image was taken from which is a great site to get some inspiration and opinions on your work.

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